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For a limited time, if you become a Concept Dealer, for the 1st order, you'll have %30 discount.
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Why Become a Furkey Dealer?

Success. Profitability. Growth. Satisfaction. These are the benefits you gain by becoming a Furkey dealer.

1. You can’t help but succeed when you join a company that has spent more than 7 years as an industry leader known for developing innovative, superior quality home comfort solutions and for delivering an unsurpassed level of customer satisfaction.

2. Benefit from all advantages Furkey offers before someone else does.

3. The sky’s the limit when you combine your own reputation for trust and reliability with ours. But we give you more than the Furkey name.

4. We are fully committed to our family of dealers, and prove it every day by providing the products, services and support you need to grow your business and reap the rewards of success. Learn more from the topics below.

What We Give?

Successful Business Model With Extensive Support

Ready Business Model

Furkey provides ready working business model with brand name and support of our experienced team to support our dealers.

Furkey Dealership is a shortcut to build successful furniture business in your region. You will work under known brand name. We will support you in building business infrastructure, as we already have experience at different markets. Our team will be constantly in touch with local office.


Furkey is working with only one Dealer at each region. So you will not have any competitors with same products.

Also you will have all current and future Furkey clients from your region. Our Dealer is an exclusive supplier of Furkey products in their region. Once Furkey signs Dealership agreement - only you will sell our product there. Also all our existing and future contacts from the region will be re-directed to you.

Wide Range of Products

Furkey has wide range of products. We are constantly updating it and adding new ones. And we are always glad to add or find products our Dealer needs at their market.

1. Product is our main advantage – at Furkey we try to offer as many products as our dealers need. Most of sofas producers have 10-15 collections per year. Our range includes much more, and keeps growing.

2. Hereby we are confident to say we can fulfil your market needs. We have Sofa sets of different styles, shapes, set configurations. You don’t need to look for products from different companies and try to combine them in one solid collection. Furkey team is making sure our dealers can find all they need at our site. And if they don’t – we are always open to add new models.

3. It is up to our dealer if they choose to represent full collection, some categories or even just few models – we are offering all opportunities. But it’s always dealer’s choice and knowledge what to bring to local market. If necessary our team will always suggest models and categories for any market based on our experience and market research.

FREE E-Commerce Site

We will give you: 100% Free ready e-commerce website; CRM, developed exclusively for Furkey; Ready Social Media pages package; trainings for employees.

1. Furkey is a part of IT driven company. That is why we can provide many IT services for our Dealer. Some of them, like our site and CRM, are developed exclusively for Furkey.

2. Our site and CRM meet all e-commerce needs. You will have ready online platform for sales and promotion, stock management, customer database control etc.

3. We will create and provide you access to branded social media pages of Furkey Local (your region), connected to main brand official pages. Hereby all visitors of Global pages from your region will see your local page. We will open social media pages at your local social networks.

4. Our experienced IT team will teach your employees to work with site, CRM and Social Media.

Price Guarantee

Furkey promise to keep shown level of prices. So you can always be sure how to plan your business with us.

1. No hidden fees, no un-predicted price changes, no excuses.

2. If there will be any “force majeure” situation that require price changes – our Dealer will be informed at least 30 days before.


Furkey has 15.000 square meters manufacturing plant located in Bursa - TURKEY

1. When you become a concept dealer, our factory will be yours.

2. We will use every part of our manufacturing capabilities for your requirements.

3. According your market's special needs, we are capable of transforming our products.


How We Support?

Once you become a member of Furkey family, we'll support you till you succeed!

Extensive Online Support

We are fully aware that information technologies are the key for success in our industry.

1. That's why, we will use latest technologies. Our infrastructure is 100% ready and we can open an online-store for you in just 1-day!

2. We will buy and open your web-site as soon as we sign the agreement. You don't need to worry about the hard part, leave it to us.

3. Security, product listing, inventory management, store management, online sales, crm: They are all waiting for you to use!

Social Media Support

You can be sure without the power of social media, this business can't grow.

1. Since the beginning of Furkey, we have been doing Search Engine Optimization and Social Media with over 22 freelancers all around the world.

2. Hence, with the experience we had in 7 years, we can clearly say that every potantial customer in your region will know about you.

3. Don't take our words for it! Check out couple of examples; Georgia Facebook Page - Turkey Facebook Page

4. Over half a million people liked Furkey all over the world.

Advertisement Support

We will share a certain amount of money for YOUR online advertisement needs.

1. We want to grow together. For this, we are dedicated to use all power of our company.

2. We will allocate a budget according to your efficiency and we will try to channel all potantial customers to your store.

Product & Service Guarantee

2 years warranty for all our products.

1. Our team will provide constant customer support for you.

2. We guarantee to keep our products quality at same level for all of your orders.

Initial Discount

30% discount for the first order.

1. We understand initial expenses Dealer will have to start business. To enter the market and be successful in customer service you will need to have wide range of products in the store and stock at the warehouse.

2. We are interested in our Dealer’s success. For this, we support them with 30% extraordinary discount for all collection for their first order.


To qualify as a Furkey Dealer you need to have/be able to provide minimum basis for it: warehouse, store and employees, also to be ready to work with us on online activities.

Main requirements to become Furkey Dealer:

1. Have or be ready to provide necessary base for business –warehouse and store (store size - not less than 100 m2 if at popular trade center/mall, not less than 200 m2 – if separate store).

2. Employees to work with sales and site. At least one English speaker at the company, who can communicate with head office;

3. Place first order to furnish store and have stock. Minimum first order is not less than three 40” HC containers. For the next orders we don’t have MOQ – you can order according to the store needs.

4. Provide support for launching your local site – send us what products you want to see there, price range, contact information, translation to local language.

Additional Notes

1. Dealership Agreement can be sign in advance, but is valid only after Dealer meet all this requirement.

2. Our requirements are based at our experience of launching Furkey stores in other countries.

3. To be successful at the market you need to be close and to be fast. It should be easy to find your store in you region. There should be as many products as you can show. And you should have stock to deliver them fast to the customer.

4. To provide good services you will need professional people working with customers. To improve your store, order all necessary items, give feedback to head office, get additional information you will need to have constant connection with our head office for support. That is why we require at least one English speaker.

5. Even before you open your store – your site will be online, promotion will start, and when people come to you they need to see good collection of products. And again stock to deliver it to them. That is why your first order should be enough to furnish the store and have stock till the next shipment.

6. Site support – we want to prepare site even before you open your store, and start promoting it. And it is important that local person will advice us what should be at your site and translate it to spoken language.

7. We will take care about all other details.

Furkey Concept Dealership Application Form

For more information;
Regional Manager

+90 850 840 6045
Cali. Mah. Kanal Cad. No:22 Nilufer Bursa - Turkey
[email protected]
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