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Factory and Manufacturing Overview

Our mission is to give you the best possible comfort – and always at a fair price. UnLike our competitors we own and operate our own factory. Most companies have to subcontract different processes out to a number of different companies, so your custom orders may pass through the hands of a number of different companies before it reaches you. This causes inevitable delays in production and poor quality control.

At Furkey, we control every step in our own factory with staff directly employed and chosen by us. From the initial design right through to packaging and freight is handled under one roof! This enables us to produce on time and with the best quality available.

Our products will get even better. Your life style with the help of our products will get even better. We’ll listen to your feedback about what makes your life easier and comfortable and Create products that deliver you that experience. In the end, we hope you’ll have the chance to experience our motto: More for life!

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