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Producing is a passion. It is an addiction. A new model is touched like a newly born baby; softly and gently. Every design is the result of a great care and curiosity. Our Dealers are shaping the design process of every model. Only our Dealers can fully understand the requirements of our final customers in different countries. So we manufacture with our Dealers. We would like to thank our dealers for their priceless guidance they have provided so far and we would like to invite new Dealers take part in this journey.
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Dealership – New Concept

What if we tell you that we can reach people in your city! We offer an innovative Dealership Concept. Become our dealer and we will connect you with people in your city. Our marketing team will invite your potential clients to your stores.

The idea is simple: Furkey Central Office is always standing beside dealers in the local market. Furkey Marketing specialists support dealers in local marketing activities by using online tools extensively.
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Product Collection

Dealers can generate their own product collection from Furkey’s product range. Dealers can choose according to trend in their country. With one click Dealers can add or remove any model they wish. Furkey offers Localization in Product Collection.

Furkey offers diversity in product range in a rich category system. Our dealers do not have to look around for different types of products. Furkey team is working hard to present the most up-to-date products to our dealers. From bedrooms to children furniture; from office furniture to sitting solutions and from accessories to home textile we present products in different categories.
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How We Support Dealers?

The target is to make sure that the Dealer is happy with the Furkey Dealership. So the focal point of our support is to contribute on increasing sales and reaching to more potential customers in the city and/or country. We work shoulder by shoulder with our Dealers to bring more customers into the showroom and/or eStore.

Internet based technologies are very important these days. Social Media is spreading and consolidating its place in our daily life. The most distinguishing aspect of Furkey is its power in online marketing. We develop solution for every country independently. Our online marketing team members are located across countries.

Once we agree with a new Dealer, Furkey marketing department starts an extensive marketing activity with the target to bring customers to the showroom of the Dealer.

We seriously analyze the local market on behalf of our dealer.

Dealer Website (eStore) – We establish online stores for every dealer. We let our dealers deliver their message to their audience in a very easy and effective way. In contemporary world, online media and advertisement is highly influential. Also, we furnish our Dealers with the know-how of Furkey.

We are aware that we will be happy only and only if our dealers are happy.
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Quality and Service will not be meaningful unless it meets a reasonable price margin. In Furkey production process we get materials in a tremendously large volume and the prices are decreasing automatically. At the same time, we have our Supply Chain Department is specialized on locating attractive products and establishing long term business partnerships with suppliers. Profitability for our Dealers is the focal point of our marketing policy.
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Be our dealer and we will stand by you all along the journey. As a Dealer, you will always feel the invisible hand of Furkey team in your daily business life. We have the ability to reach your customers from multiple & modern channels; like Hard-copy brochures, online media, web site, mobile devices, social media, tablets, etc. You will be delivering "Furkey values" to your customer with the greatest care of Furkey team.

Technical information, global experience, details of marketing... Furkey know-how will be one of the most important assets that our dealers will be utilizing.
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Furkey is out there: reachable by everybody around the world. So Furkey has to be transparent, clear and standardized towards its Dealers and final customers in all countries and cities. In the same manner, our dealership conditions are standard and equal to all Dealers. In Furkey System, pricing and all our operations are constantly monitored and closely watched by all our Dealers. We will do everything to preserve the global image and reliability of our brand. Since our Dealers are operating under our brand name; so the "trust" is built and consolidated by all our Dealers interdependently.
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Furkey is established over several generations of experience in trade. It is true that we are vigilant regarding the present day of our company. Yet the main purpose of our team is "construction of the future". We can confidently express that Furkey is going to be one of the most well known brands on our planet.
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Furquality: It’s great to see how our "Quality Control System" is appreciated by our business partners. Quality is dispersed in every division, in each stage and in overal environment of Furkey.

  - Furkey has a unique and unrivalled online technology.
  - Local and global Online Marketing (SEO) is the basis of Furkey.
  - Furkey is furnished with the most contemporary DB & CRM (Cloud)
  - Highly qualified individuals in Furkey team are committed to the brand.
  - Quality Control Department has a check-list that controls every inch of all products during all steps of the production.
  - Supervisors are specialized on monitoring and controlling the packing, labeling and loading process.

To put it simply; providing a perfect A-Z Solution requires an perfect A-Z Quality Approach and Furkey enjoys the privilege of having.
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Global Brand

Furkey is globally local. So far, Furkey has been preferred by four planets. Beside comprehending all complexities of global business; Furkey team is very well aware of local sensitivities in each country. Furkey is a global brand.

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